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What is HiFL?
What are Conferences?
When is the 2022 season going to start?
Who are the Defending Champions?
Where will the games be played?
How are the participating schools selected?
How many schools participate?
What is the composition of teams in the competition?
Can I volunteer to be a part of the organising team in my school?
Can Alumni participate?
What are the stages of the competition?
What is the Super Four?
Are the players paid?
What prize do the winners get?
What opportunities does HiFL® offer participating teams and players?
What award categories are included in the competition?
How can my school participate?
How can I get in my school’s football team?
Who are the organisers?

Volunteer Force

What the Volunteer Force is about
Why join the Force?
How to become a Volunteer
Who can become a part of the Volunteer Force?
What are the benefits of being a Volunteer?

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